Humidity Control

Terrawell absorbs and desorbs the humidity in the air to keep moderate environment.

When it is humid

Terrawell absorbs the humidity

When it is dry

Terrawell desorbs the humidity

Humidity Sorption/Desorption Performance Test

(Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology, JIS standard)

Testing Method

Set the room humidity to 50%, then up to 75%, and make tiles absorb humidity for 12 hours.
After that, set the room humidity back to 50% and see how tiles desorb humidity.

Highly Effective Deodorization

Terrawell performs eco-friendly deodorization without any use of electricity - by absorbing causative agents of daily odors.
It also absorbs and reduces harmful substances causing dizziness and malaise in the air.

Characteristics by Formulation of Terrawell

Terrawell tiles come in three types, T, Pro, and S, each distinguished by its unique composition of materials, leading to distinct characteristics.

  • - T Type: Crafted with Tatsuyama Stone, a specialty of Hyogo Prefecture, as a primary ingredient.
  • - Pro Type: This is the regular variant designed for general use.
  • - S Type: It offers greater strength than the Pro Type.
  • In pursuit of a circular economy, there may be possibilities to combine different materials based on your preferences. Feel free to consult with us for further information.

    Product Name Type Strength Hygroscopicity Color
    Terrawell T Fair Excellent 2 colors
    (Pale yellow / Blue)
    Pro Good Good Pale grayish earth color
    S Excellent Fair Off-white


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